Monday, July 20, 2009

The Journal Days

Over the next three weeks I will be traveling on a remarkable vacation through the Mediterranean. The trip itself will serve as one long celebratory bash for my mother's birthday, my 21st birthday and my parent's anniversary.

The only really big decision then comes in how to document the events.

The first notable device to perform these actions is the Canon Rebel XSi I purchased last week (it should arrive in VA on Wednesday [this is me... excited]).

I decided on it over the Nikon alternatives after some pretty thorough consultation with my photographer colleagues at the Technician (my newspaper). As far as their concerns, Nikon provides the better kit lens, but Canon has less expensive and a larger range of compatible lenses.

Additionally, I was able to find a superior deal on a Rebel XSi (an upgrade over the XS and a much better camera than the Nikon D60).

Taken together, the choice of my XSi for about $600 was a really good deal.

So, I will be doing a lot of photo documentation on my trip (see below). Pending training by said photographers*

In addition to visually documenting my trip, one of my old professors made an interesting proposition. He recommended that I buy a nice journal before I go and jot down some notes every night before I retire to bed.

I think this is a brilliant idea. Not that I am trying to supplant this blog. But, in honesty, I have not kept up with it that well since Christmas and I'm not even sure I'm going to take my computer on the trip.

Regardless of the capacity to write in the blog, I think I would keep up with a physical journal much better. If nothing else, it will serve as a record that I can read in 20 years to see how I used to write.

Not as much in the sense of content, my newspaper work has shown me that I have the ability to write effectively, but I want a way to capture the way in which I experience the trip (a sort of introspection... maybe).

In any case, I am excited about the trip (it begins this Sunday with a flight to Rome). More will be posted later this week.

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Z said...

Incredibly jealous, but still excited to see your photos!